Code of Conduct

For Students

  • to attend school punctually and conform to the policies and procedures of the school;
  • to participate willingly in their learning;
  • to respect others’ safety, well-being, and property;
  • to be accountable for their behavior and responsive to reasonable, and respectful consequences;
  • to participate in creating a safe, positive environment that is conducive to learning for all.
For Parents/Guardians

  • to support their child(ren) in regular and punctual attendance at school;
  • to participate in creating a safe, positive, learning environment at their school; and
  • to work and cooperate with the school to resolve concerns involving their child(ren).
For School Staff

  • to take a leadership role in creating a safe, positive environment conducive to learning;
  • to involve their students in developing classroom discipline practices which utilize
  • reasonable, related and respectful consequences; and
  • to model, teach and reinforce appropriate behavior.

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