Phone Calls/Cell Phones

Students must receive permission from their classroom teacher before using the school telephones. Student use of school telephones is for emergency/urgent needs only. We want to protect instructional time for students and staff so ask that you refrain from calling for students or staff during that time (with the exception of true emergencies). We are happy to take a message with the intent that your call will be returned at the next break in the day.

Use of Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices

We wish to encourage a forward-thinking approach that integrates technology for the purpose of enhancing learning. As well,  we want to promote appropriate etiquette for the use of electronic devices in a large social setting.

The following guidelines have been designed to maintain a focus on using technology for educational purposes in the school.

  1. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not to be used during class time or instructional periods unless authorized by the classroom teacher. This includes in the library, during labs, indoor and outdoor physical education classes, and field trips.
  2. Students should keep electronic devices in a location such as their backpacks or lockers to minimize distraction and for security purposes.
  3. Parents who wish to contact their child during class-time should direct their call through the office at 306-683-4300.
  4. Students leaving the classroom during instructional time may be asked to leave their devices with the teacher.
  5. Use of any recording devices (accessible on cell phones or other devices) is strictly forbidden in classrooms, locker rooms, dressing areas, washrooms, and other private areas of the school unless authorized by the classroom teacher for educational purposes. Such use may also be in violation of the criminal code.
  6. Unauthorized use of these devices is a violation of school policy and the following consequences may result:

First Offence: The device will be confiscated until the end of the class.

Second Offence: The device will be confiscated and the student may pick up the device from the office.

Third Offence: The device will be confiscated and a parent/guardian will be contacted, at which time arrangements will be made for the device to be picked up.

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