Information for New Kindergarten Parents


Who Can Enroll in Kindergarten?

  • Your child must be at least 5 years of age before December 31 to be eligible to attend Kindergarten during the next school term.
  • Our School Division policy requires that proof of age (Birth Certificate) be presented before a child is formally registered in Kindergarten or Grade 1. Please present your child’s birth certificate to our office on or before September 1.


  • While enrolling your child in Kindergarten is voluntary, attendance must be regular once the child is enrolled.
  • There are no school fees at the start of the year. We have a couple of fundraisers throughout the year and we involve Kindergarten.
  • You will be asked to indicate whether you would like your child to attend on Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday. We will do our best to accommodate your family’s needs.
  • In an effort to make each Kindergarten child’s introduction to school a pleasant experience, we divide the children into smaller groups for attendance during the first week of school. In August, you will receive a letter from one of our Kindergarten teachers informing you what time your child will attend school that day.
  • Kindergarten teachers will be doing home visits during the first two weeks of September. If meeting at your home doesn’t work for you, other arrangements can always be made.


We have 5 supervisors outside during recess. Supervisors wear brightly coloured vests so they can be identified by students. During lunch, when students are eating, we have supervisors available to help students as needed.


On the first day of school, please send indoor shoes (preferably velcro or slip-ons to avoid wasting gym time). Students also need to be prepared to go outside for recess. Please label all mitts, boots, outerwear etc.


  • Students have snack each day.
  • Please remember that we are a nut aware school. Please do not send foods that contain nuts.
  • Healthy Hunger – every Friday students are able to order lunch from a variety of restaurants. This is a fund raiser for our Grade 7/8 field trips and it is organized by those students. Many parents enjoy not having to pack lunch on these days! Information will be sent out at the beginning of the school year. 


  • Inform the school if there are any health issues we should be aware of such as medications, hearing loss, allergies, vision, etc.
  • For more serious medical conditions (life-threatening), our admin team will work with you to develop a safety plan and document it appropriately.
  • If children are too ill to go outside, they are too ill to come to school.


  • Phone or email our administrative assistant Brittany and your classroom teacher if your child will be absent.
  • If your child is absent and the school has not been notified, you will receive an automated call to confirm your child’s whereabouts.


  • Please obey the signage around the school when you are picking up or dropping off your child at school.
  • Please do not use the staff parking lot as a pick up spot.
  • All school doors will be locked 10 minutes after the bell rings to start the day except for the front doors. When you come to the school during the school day you must check in at the office.


  • All students who live outside of the Lake Vista neighbourhood are provided bus transportation to Lake Vista Public School.
  • Information on where bus stops are located can be found at
  • Each student will receive their own bus pass at the beginning of the year. Their bus stop and pick up/drop off times will be on their bus pass.
  • Students will receive their bus pass during the first week of school.
  • If your child rides the bus they will need to be met by an adult at the bus stop drop off. If that is not possible you will need to sign a waiver that allows them to be dropped off without an adult to meet them.
  • During the first month of school the Kindergarten students are escorted to their bus after school.


  • Our Kindergarten classes attend either on:

                  Monday and Wednesday and with some Friday
                  Tuesday and Thursday and with some Friday
  • We strive to ensure that each class has an equal amount of days at school.
  • The calendar can change due to preparation days, days in lieu (the days that teachers have off because of parent/teacher/student conferences), and stat holidays.
  • Please pay close attention to the calendar that kindergarten teachers send home. Information about K1/K2 days is also clearly communicated on our website.

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