1. Tinkercad Club – Today at noon.
  2. Healthy Hunger – Subway.
  3. SLT – Will be selling leftover concession items out of the servery today at noon.

Happy Birthday – 21: Emmerson G. (4M) 22: Alexis B. (4/5) Alek F. (K2) Hayden G. (PK) 23: Sophie D. (6G) Rebecca F. (K1)


  1. Operetta – Was wonderful, huge thanks to all the students, Ms. Massey, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Pellerin, Mrs. Dovgyy, Mrs. Kobussen and the grade 6 sound and stage hands. You have made our school so proud.
  2. Congratulations to all the athletes from LVS who participated in Track & Field yesterday. You all did so well. Big thanks to Mrs. Paulsen, Mrs. Kozak, Mrs. Gaudet and Mrs. Jullion for all your help. A big thanks as well to Mrs. Ohyrn, Mr. Evans and their students for all their hard work.
  3. Spirit Wars today! SLT members please meet in the SLT room for a meeting at morning recess to go over a few details for spirit war judging day. SLT members will come to each classroom after recess to judge your class on participation and creativity. Prizes will be awarded at 2:30 today. There will also be leftover concession items for sale today at 12:18 in the servery. Freezies and chips will be $1 and gatorade will be $2.

Happy Birthday – 19: Sophie R. (1R) Katelyn R. (K2) McKinley S. (4M) 20: Charlie M. (K2) Margaret M. (K2)

Lake Vista SCC

The Lake Vista School SCC is creating a Community Resource Guide for our staff. This would include individuals or organizations that could contribute to all parts of the curriculum. Guest speakers and special presenters can help students make connections with community members and bring expertise into the classroom.

Please send names and contact information to Be sure to note what type of information the individual or group will have to share.

Lake Vista SCC

Reminder to Parents/Guardians

Dear Parents/Guardians:

If your student(s) will not be here on the last day of school, Wed. June 26, please make one of the following arrangements beforehand with their homeroom teacher for receiving their progress report:

1. Arrange with the homeroom teacher to have the progress report sent home with another student on the final day of classes.

2. Provide a self-addressed stamped letter size envelope to put the progress report in to be mailed.

3. Parents/students can pick the progress report up at the LVS office on Thursday, June 27 or Friday, June 28, before noon.

4. Progress reports that remain will be held in the office and can be picked up when school reopens on August 27, 2019.

Thank you!

LVS Admin. Team