1.  Gr. 4-6 Games Club – We will meet in the upper library on Thursday at lunch recess.  Please bring cards or board games to play.
  2. Skating – Gr. 5P – 10:00 – 11:00am.
  3. Gym Blast – Thurs. Jan 24th.
  4. SLT – we will have a meeting on Monday Jan. 28th at noon in the Imagination Room.

No Birthdays today.


  1. Skating – PKAM: 10-11am, Gr. 6G: 11-12pm, Gr. 1R & PKPM: 1:15-2:15pm.
  2. Don’t forget to Read, Read, Read for our Reading Challenge!

Happy Birthday – Hunter G. (7E)

Healthy Hunger

If your student(s) would like Booster Juice for lunch on January 25th, please place your order today!

To order and pay for the hot lunches, visit Once on the website, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1:  Register under Students and Parents
Step 2:  Add Student or Students to your account.

Ordering your Meals
Step 1:  View Upcoming Orders
Step 2:  Select the Order Date you would like to order for.
Step 3:  Select menu items.
Step 4:  Pay for Order.

Upcoming Hot Lunches:
Feb 1 – Pizza Hut
Feb 8 – Subway
Feb 15 – Jerry’s
Mar 1 – Tim Horton’s
Mar 8 – Booster Juice
Mar 15 – Pizza Hut
Mar 22 – Subway
Mar 28 – Jerry’s