Thank You Parents and School Community Council

Thank you very much to all the parents and School Community Council (SCC) members who did supervision and brought delicious food for our staff. The food was delightful. The staff enjoyed the opportunity to have lunch together during noon hour. We are also grateful for the other treats that were delivered to the school throughout the week by parents and SCC members.

Cupcake Sale

The K2 class is having a cupcake sale this Friday, February 16th.  All proceeds will go to the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital.  Cupcakes will be $1.


Valentine’s Day

Please wear red, white or pink for Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

The SLT (Student Leadership Team) will be selling cans of crush for $1 and Hershey Kisses for $2 at lunchtime.

Teacher Appreciation Week!

The SCC would like to remind everyone that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week! The SCC along with the parent volunteer group have planned some fun things, however, a homemade card, or even a hug and a thank you from your child to their teachers and support staff would mean a lot!
Lake Vista SCC