Halloween Dance

The Halloween Dance is tonight from 6-8.  Come in your costume!  Students Pre-K to Grade 3 must be accompanied by an adult.  Grade 4-8 must bring their signed permission slip in order to attend without an adult.  Have fun everyone!

Lake Vista Public School Staff 2017-2018

Principal – Chris Mason
Vice Principal – Amy Orth (Heather Ohryn, until December 2017)

Admin Assistant – Brittany Jullion (Jill Shumay, until June 2018)

Pre-Kindergarten – Richelle Hanley
Kindergarten – Lesia Sorochuk
Grade 1 – Kathy Rezeanu
Grade 2R – Val Ryan
Grade 2G – Blaine Gaudet (Monica Koroluk, until February 2018)
Grade 3 – Glenna Pellerin
Grade 4 – Brenna Millard
Grade 5 – Jill Paulsen
Grade 6/7 – Derrick Evans
Grade 8 – Heather Ohryn (Dan Holtsman, until December 2017)
PAA – Meagen Mitchell

SERT – Tara Dovgyy

EA – Kim Arendt
EA – Darlene Fortier
EA – Sandra Krupka
EA – Lori Marion
EA – Tammy Weiman
EA – Anita Gawluk

Caretaker – Brian Limotlimot
Caretaker – Chris Nagy
Caretaker – Samirkymar Patel

Lake Vista Public School Staffing Update

Lesia Sorochuk will now be full time at LVS due to the number of Kindergarten students for the 2017-2018 school year.

Kindergarten will now be offered full days (8:55AM-3:07PM), either Monday/Wednesday (alternating Fridays) or Tuesday/Thursday (alternating Fridays).