Friday June 4, 2021

Birthdays Today:

Happy Birthday To Owen T. in 7M

Today we have Pizza Hut for Healthy Hunger.

Just a reminder that there is NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS, MONDAY JUNE 7TH.

Joke of the Day: What is a Ninja’s favorite drink?


Thursday June 2, 2021

Happy Birthday To: Hudson D in 5/6J and Corbin H. in 4B

Tomorrow is Healthy Hunger Lunch provided by Pizza Hut.

Joke of the Day: Why don’t elephant’s use the computer?

Their afraid of the mouse!

Thursday June 3, 2021

We have two Birthdays Today: Happy Birthday To, Hudson D. in 5/6J and Owen T in 7M.

Healthy Hunger Lunch Today is Pizza Hut.

Joke of the day: Why don’t elephants use computers?

Because their afraid of the mouse!

Wednesday June 2nd

Happy Birthday to Holden H. in 5K and Freya L. in 7M

Fun Fact of the Day: One of the ingredients needed to make dynamite is peanuts.

Tuesday June 1st

Happy Birthday To: Tatiana H in 4L

Joke of the Day is compliments of Damian in 3A.

What goes up but never moves?


Monday May 31st

Happy Birthday To: Bronwyn B. in 1H and Ryder C in 4L.

Todays Fun Fact of the Day: Cats can’t taste anything sweet.