Monday February 22nd

Welcome Back Everyone!!

Birthdays Today:

Happy Birthday To: Diego T. in K2

Riddle of the Day: What has 88 keys but can’t open a door………..a piano.

Friday February 12th

There were no Birthdays Today

Healthy Hunger Lunch Today is Subway

Just a reminder that next week is Febraury

Break students return back to school Monday February 22nd.

Fun Valentines Fact: The people receiving the most valentines each year are Teachers!

Wednesday February 10th

There were no Birthdays Today

Healthy Hunger Lunch This Week Is Subway.

Just a reminder that Friday February 12, 2021 is the last day of school before the February break. Students will return back on February 22, 2021.

Fun Fact of the Day: A snowflake can take up to 2 hours to fall from a cloud to the ground.

Tuesday February 9th

Birthdays Today

Happy Birthday To: Lilly R. in 😯

Fun Fact of the Day: It gets so cold in Siberia that your breath can turn to ice in mid air.

Please have your student come down and look through the lost and found for any items they maybe missing.

Thursday February 4th

Birthdays Today;

Happy Birthday To: Perrie D. in K2

A reminder that Friday is dress as your favorite character from a book day and our draw for prizes from our literacy bingo will also be happening.

Fun Fact of the Day: The lightening bolt on Harry Potters forehead was applied 5,800 times over the course of 8 movies.