Lake Vista Public School Staff 2017-2018

Principal – Chris Mason
Vice Principal – Amy Orth (Heather Ohryn, until December 2017)

Admin Assistant – Brittany Jullion (Jill Shumay, until June 2018)

Pre-Kindergarten – Richelle Hanley
Kindergarten – Lesia Sorochuk
Grade 1 – Kathy Rezeanu
Grade 2R – Val Ryan
Grade 2G – Blaine Gaudet (Monica Koroluk, until February 2018)
Grade 3 – Glenna Pellerin
Grade 4 – Brenna Millard
Grade 5 – Jill Paulsen
Grade 6/7 – Derrick Evans
Grade 8 – Heather Ohryn (Dan Holtsman, until December 2017)
PAA – Meagen Mitchell

SERT – Tara Dovgyy

EA – Kim Arendt
EA – Darlene Fortier
EA – Sandra Krupka
EA – Lori Marion
EA – Tammy Weiman
EA – Anita Gawluk

Caretaker – Brian Limotlimot
Caretaker – Chris Nagy
Caretaker – Samirkymar Patel

Lake Vista Public School Staffing Update

Lesia Sorochuk will now be full time at LVS due to the number of Kindergarten students for the 2017-2018 school year.

Kindergarten will now be offered full days (8:55AM-3:07PM), either Monday/Wednesday (alternating Fridays) or Tuesday/Thursday (alternating Fridays).

Lake Vista Public School Staffing Update

Amber Kraus has accepted the position of Principal at Cudworth School for this fall. Congratulations, Amber!

Glenna Pellerin will be our new Grade 3 teacher at LVS this fall. Glenna is currently teaching at Valley Manor School.

Heather Ohryn will be the interim Vice Principal (until December 2017) at LVS this fall. Heather will also be the Grade 8 teacher at LVS. She is currently teaching at Venture Heights.

Congratulations Glenna and Heather!

Kindergarten Orientation Today!

We will be hosting our Kindergarten Orientation today from 3:00-4:00 pm for our 2017 – 2018 Kindergarten students at Valley Manor Elementary School (200 8th Ave S, Martensville). You and your child are invited to attend. See you there!