Pre-Kindergarten Program

 WES will be accepting Pre-Kindergarten registrations for the Fall of 2017 in May/17.  Watch for an advertisement in the Gazette and on our Website.

How is this different than preschool?

Preschool or Play-School are community-driven and community funded. Our Pre-Kindergarten program is entirely funded by the Provincial Government and administered by the local school. As well, a Pre-Kindergarten program has a minimum of 12 hours of instruction per week. This program does not replace any existing preschool programs already in place.

What is the purpose of this type of program?

The aim of the Pre-Kindergarten program is to give children the opportunity to start Kindergarten with the social, emotional and cognitive skills necessary to succeed. A better beginning with formal education will help to ensure a better future.

How do I know if my child qualifies?

We will strive to ensure that children with the greatest needs are served and that the criteria for acceptance into the program is based on community needs. The Pre-Kindergarten program is designed for students who require extra support prior to starting school.

A child who demonstrates a challenge in the area of social, behavioral, emotional, cognitive or communicative skills will be considered. Other determining factors that are specific to each child will also be taken into consideration.

Who teaches this program?

A professional teacher is hired with experience in Early Childhood Education. The Pre-Kindergarten class is part of Warman Elementary School.

 Will transportation be provided for students who live out of town?

Transportation for rural students may be provided.

What is my involvement in the program as a parent?

Parents must be involved and supportive of the Pre-Kindergarten program. Through their active involvement in the program, parents enhance their parenting skills and share responsibility for the well-being and education of their children. Teachers recognize the central responsibility of parents for the development and well-being of their children and encourage the active involvement of family members in the classroom.

Although there is no parent volunteer commitment in the classroom as there would be in a cooperative pre-school program, parents are required to attend Family Day activities one half day every 4-5 weeks.