PLEASE NOTE THE INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE IS AN EXPLANATION OF OUR REGULAR ROUTINES. THESE ROUTINES WILL CHANGE AS NEEDED IN RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Our school administration will communicate current school routines and rules that will help to minimize disease transmission and to maximize student and family safety. This information can be found on the EWES website.

School start up is always exciting and extremely busy. During the first two weeks of school many pieces of paper will be sent home to you. While we ask that you check your child’s blue bag daily for notes during the school year, this is especially important in September.

How I Get Home on the First Day of School FORM

It is our experience that often on the first day of school students do not follow what will become their regular home time routine. In order to ensure that the first day of Grade 1 is a happy experience for your child please provide the needed information to your child’s homeroom teacher on first day of school. Below is an example of the information needed:

The first day of school my child will go home this way:            

Car ride picked up by  ________________________________  
Bus colour  _____________   First bus run   or    Second bus run  
Walking or Biking alone or with  ________________________  
After School Program  

How I Get Home the Rest of the Year FORM

On the first day of school we will send home a note asking you to detail what will be the typical home time routine for your child. You will notice we ask about big brothers and sisters on this page. If your child is unsure how they are getting home it is easy for us to call down to a sibling’s room and ask them what is happening at the end of the day. Below is an example of the information needed:

 Car ride with?Bus Colour and Run No.Walk or Bike alone?  with who? meeting spot?After School  Program
Monday             first    or    second  
Tuesday       first    or    second  
Wednesday       first    or    second  
Thursday       first    or    second  
Friday       first    or    second  

On the days there is a change we ask that you inform us of what that change is.  Be sure your child knows what they are to do each day. It is helpful for older siblings to know the plan for younger siblings. This way there will be no confusion, tears, or last minute phone calls at home time. 

Demographic FORM

This form shows the information the office has for your child. Please review this information and ensure it is correct.  Mark corrections in the right hand column clearly. 

There are several sections to look over on the school demographic form. The paragraphs that follow offer suggestions for what to look for in case you find the form confusing. It is important for you to know that on this form you have the option to opt out of various permissions. If you do not mark a box then opting in is assumed.

Even if you have newly registered your child at EWES this form will go home to you. Please read it carefully inform us of any information that has been incorrectly entered into your child’s computer file.

Please correct any errors with the spelling of your child’s name and the accuracy of their home address.

Home Phone Number:  The number that appears in this area is the contact information that will be listed in our Class Directory.  Near the end is a section called “School Directory” where you can designate your preferred contact method or where you can choose to opt out of a class phone list.

If your child has a medical condition please note it in this area.  If you answer “yes” then another paper entitled “Medical Alert” will be sent home for you to give us more detail about your child’s health concerns. Children with completed Medical Alert forms from last year will be asked to do another form this year to ensure all important information is accurate.

This is the section where you list the people the school can phone for help with your child when needed.  For instance, when your child is ill many parents are unable to answer their phone or to return a call immediately.  In that case the teacher may need to move down the list to Caregiver #3 or #4 for assistance. 

The instructions here ask you to check off any options you do NOT want your child to participate in.  If you are willing to have your child participate in all of the activities then this area will remain unmarked.  Details of consent for each category are listed on the back of the last page. 

***INTERNET: Parents often have concerns about giving their child permission to use the internet at school.  Internet use in Grade 1 consists of using apps on iPads or of supervised access to websites such as Boom Cards on Chromebooks. Our young students do not “surf the net” unsupervised. If you mark the box beside the word “internet use” it means your child will not be allowed to access the internet even with supervision. Concern about internet use is usually a nonissue in Grade One as we closely monitor student use of technology.

***PHOTOS: Parents are rightly concerned about protecting the privacy of their children. This is a priority at EWES and we adhere to Prairie Spirit privacy practises. Photos are used within classrooms, on the television in the entrance of the school, and sometimes they are included in the digital monthly newsletter and on the SeeSaw platform. If you mark the box beside the word “photo” on the school demographic form this means your child’s picture will not be used outside of school use. Photos will still be used safely within the school (classroom, hallway, lobby television, newsletters).

On the very bottom of page three is where you initial, sign and date the form.  They are small lines, you have to look closely for them. Any forms unsigned and undated will be returned to you to complete. 

Class Directory

After you have signed and submitted the Demographic Form homeroom teachers will compile a Class Directory for their students. We offer this service to our classroom families because the children often wish to organize playdates or to extend invitations for birthday parties. You have the option to opt out of having your child’s contact information included in the Class Directory by checking off the appropriate box on the Demographic Form.

Seesaw and Google Classroom Permission FORM

EWES sends home a double sided page asking permission for your child to have access to Seesaw and Google Classrooms. Every child will receive one of these notes. Most classrooms use only one of these platforms but we ask for both permissions as a time save should the need arise to make use of both Seesaw and Google Classrooms or to change from one to the other.

School Photo Order FORM

School photos are usually booked on a date near the end of September. A form will be provided for you to order copies of your child’s photo. It will be sent to you as soon as the proofs are sent to the school. You can return the order form with payment to your child’s teacher or pay online. Accessing your child’s photo online allows you to choose from a great variety of backdrops and photo packages. The photography company’s internet address will be listed on the photo order form.