While reading, writing, and math are a priority in the early grades of school, time is set aside to learn concepts in the subjects of Science, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, and the Arts (visual, music, drama, dance).  Below is the link to the Saskatchewan Education Curriculum homepage.  Click on the Grade One tab to access learning outcomes for these subjects.


When students gain life experience and general knowledge across a broad range of subjects and situations they are building up their background knowledge.  Background knowledge is one of the strands on the Reading Rope.  (You can go to our page called Fluency to learn more about the Reading Rope.) Teaching additional subject matter supports reading, writing, and math by building up general knowledge schemas (knowledge webs) in long term memory. Students can reference and interlink their general knowledge schemas to better understand what they are reading, writing, or solving in math.  Below are short summaries of the topics we teach in the other subjects. 


Daily and Seasonal Changes – this topic is continuous throughout the school year as we learn about each of the seasons  
The Five Senses
Properties of Objects and Materials
Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Social Studies

We Are All Treaty People
My Friends and Our Feelings
My Family
Family Traditions


All About Me
Body Systems – heart, lungs, brain
Healthy Habits

Physical Education (Gym)

Gym safety
Exploring ways to move our bodies
Cooperative games (tag, relay races)
Aerobic Fitness
Throwing & Catching, Kicking & Receiving
Track and Field

Fine Arts

Dance, drama, and music are formally taught by a specialist teacher.  You can ask your child’s music teacher for more information on these subjects.

Visual Arts:
types of lines – vertical, horizontal, diagonal, thick, thin, curved, etc.
different shapes – regular and irregular
colours – primary and secondary
textures – how to create texture in different media