Good Morning Lake Vista School! We’d like to do a shout out to all the birthdays that we have missed announcing:

March Birthdays 16: Kenzie F. (1/2S) 17: Parker F. (2R) 18: Ryder O. (5K) 20: Harley B. (1R) 21: Alexa O. (4L) Bennett P. (1H) 26: Haylen K. (PK) 27: Hailey S. (3LD) Tucker V. (1R) 29: Linkoln B. (2R) Theodore B. (1/2S) 31: Ella D. (2R)

April Birthdays 1: Luna D. (PK) Rylie K. (K1) Mariah M. (4G)

Have a great day!

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