Classroom Placements

One of our priorities at Lake Vista School is to honour parent voice and parent knowledge in our decision-making process. We are asking for your ideas and thoughts around classroom placements for next year. Classroom placements are very complex decisions and are based on many factors:

  • Academic needs (including program and learning environment)
  • Social needs (eg. Supportive or positive peers and role models)
  • Learning needs
  • Level of independence
  • Balance of males to females
  • Academic diversity within each group
  • Teacher strengths

We really value your input about your child and how he/she learns best. When we make the class lists, we want to connect your parent knowledge with our teacher knowledge to make this very important decision.

Your child’s teacher will be sending you a form to fill out. On this form, we would like you to take a few minutes to tell us some things about your child. How do you see your child as a learner? How does your child learn best? How does your child interact with others in group settings? Children are members of our learning community. We want your child to have other students in the classroom that they can learn well with, which may include a close friend.

As part of this process, please do not request a specific teacher.

We appreciate you taking the time to help us learn more about your child so we can begin the classroom placement process.


Chris Mason                  Nicole Lavallee

Principal                         Vice Principal

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