Emergency Response and Preparedness Plan

Dear Parents,

Prairie Spirit is committed to the safety of staff and students in all Prairie Spirit schools.

All Prairie Spirit schools routinely practice safety procedures like fire drills, lockdown drills and “hold and secure” drills. Local RCMP officers are regularly involved in these drills to improve the school’s practices and provide feedback on the process.

With every situation that poses a potential threat to student and staff safety, we follow our Prairie Spirit School Division Emergency Response protocol and work with the RCMP.

To provide more information and clarity, please review the following definitions:

Hold and Secure

A hold and secure is initiated when there is a serious emergency or a threat of some kind occurring outside the school that may pose a risk.

  • All students are moved inside the school building and all exterior doors are locked.
  • Staff will monitor exterior doors and will restrict individuals from entering or leaving the building.
  • Students and staff continue with normal activities inside the building.
  • The school will remain secure until given an “all clear” by the principal, in consultation with emergency services.


A lockdown is initiated when a threat is inside, or in the direct vicinity, of the school building. The risk is significant and immediate.

  • Classrooms are immediately secured and students remain quiet in a specified safe space, with lights off and out of sight of doors and windows. Windows are closed or covered.
  • Cell phones are only used for communicating with emergency services.
  • The school will remain secured until physically cleared by responding police
  • During a lockdown, no one is allowed to enter the school building, including parents

Please note that parents are asked to stay away from the school building in the event of a Hold and Secure or a Lockdown, for student safety as well as your own. Communication with the school may be difficult during these events, but we will provide an update to parents as soon as we are able.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact school administration.


Chris Mason and Nicole Lavallee
(Principal)           (Vice Principal)

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