Thurs, Sept 1, 2022- Announcements

Happy First Day Back To School! We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe summer break! We are looking forward to a great year at Lake Vista School.

Each month at Lake Vista, we are going to focus on a different virtue. A virtue is a behavior showing good character or high moral standards. Each of us can always work towards being a better person and treating others better. This will be one of the things that we want to do this year at Lake Vista. It will help us be better people, and in turn, help us keep building a better school community.

Healthy Hunger is up and running! Orders can be placed on the webpage

Happy Birthday to: Jesse B (8O), Sebastian R (8O), Trip C (7M), Kendal P (7M), Danica L (2C), Daxton L (2C), Charlie V (2C)

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