Monday, February 6- Announcements

Helpfulness: Do things for other people. Not because of who they are, or what they do in return, but because of who you are. What are some ways you are helping others?

Last week to finish the Family Literacy BINGO game! Let your teacher know when you have completed any rows! There are some amazing prizes!

Donut forms and money are due on Thursday, February 9th. This is a fundraiser for TeleMiracle.

  • Tuesday, February 7- Grade 5 & 6 basketball practice at 8am
  • Wednesday, February 8- Aborigianl Storyteller for grades 1-4
  • Thursday, February 9- Classes 5K, 5L, 2R, 2C go skating
  • Thursday, February 9- Grades 7 & 8 badminton practice at 3:10
  • Friday, February 10- Healthy Hunger- Subway
  • Friday, February 10- Wellness Clinic for grades 6-8

Happy Birthday to Lily K (K) and Kashtyn P (Gr 3)!

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