Tuesday, May 2- Announcements

Yesterdays Riddle: Which is heavier: A ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?…………. Answer: Neither! They both weigh the same!

Todays Riddle: I am a number but when you add the letter ‘G’ to me I go away! What am I?

No WHITE BUS on Wednesday, May 3 in the morning and all day on Thursday, May 4!

  • Wednesday, May 3- Grade 5 fieldtrip to Clip n Climb and swimming
  • Wednesday, May3- Grade 3 Plant Club- 3:10-3:45
  • Thursday, May 4- Spirit Day- Star Wars
  • Friday, May 5- Healthy Hunger- Pizza Hut
  • Friday, May 12- No School!

Happy Birthday to Araya A (Gr4) who celebrated yesterday!

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