Friday, May 5- Announcements

Yesterday’s Riddle: When Sam is 14 years old, Brittany is half her age. Now Sam is 34 years old. How old is Brittany?………Answer: Brittany is 27

Today’s Riddle: Turn me on my side and I am everything. Cut me in half and I am nothing. What am I?

  • Monday, May 8- Grade 8 Fieldtrip to CanAm and Fairhaven
  • Tuesday, May 9- SCC Elections @ 6:00
  • Wednesday, May 10- K1 Fieldtrip to WonderHub and Kinsmen Park
  • Wednesday, May 10- Grade 5L Bake Sale
  • Thursday, May 11- Grade 6 Fieldtrip to Clip n Climb & Aviation Museum
  • Thursday, May 11- Spirit Day- 70’s Theme
  • Thursday, May 11- Healthy Hunger- Booster Juice
  • Friday, May 12- No School

Happy Birthday to Keira L (Gr3) today! Maxum C (Gr2), Maxwell M (Gr2) and Connor R (Gr6) celebrate birthdays May 6! Zaida M (Gr8) has a birthday May 7!

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