Earth Day Poster Contest

Congratulations to our winners in grade one. These beautiful Earth Day posters were done by our very own Grade One Students.

Tuesday May 4th

We have two Birthdays Today.

Happy Birthday To Crus E. in 1S and Dylan L. in Pre-K.

Joke of The Day: What type of music scares balloons?


Monday May 3rd

We Have Two Birthdays Today: Happy Birthday To Colton C. in 😯 and Hanna T in 3P.

Just a friendly reminder that when students come to school in the morning please go to your designated line up area. There’s no wondering around the playground and play structure or swings.. We want to be diligent in keeping everyone safe right now.

Fun Fact of the Day: Ostriches can run faster than horses.

Friday April 30th

Happy Friday!!

Today we have one birthday at Lake Vista.

Happy Birthday To: Brodie B. in 3A.

Todays Healthy Hunger Lunch is Pizza hut.

Our Joke of the Day is compliments of Blake in Kindergarten: Where do cows go on Friday Night?


Thursday April 29th

There were no Birthdays today at Lake Vista.

Riddle of the Day: What is full of holes but still holds water?

A Sponge!

Wednesday April 28th

We have no Birthdays Today at Lake Vista.

Healthy Hunger this Friday is provided By Pizza Hut.

Riddle of the Day; What has a thumb, four fingers but no hand?

A Glove!

If you have a student in kindergarten you are now able to sign up for your Parent/Teacher Conference which will be held May 12th and May 13th. Please go to the link that can be found in the Parent Portal under Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences. An email will also be sent to each kindergarten parent with this link as well.