Farm to School/Toonberry Farms Fundraiser

Once again Lake Vista School will be teaming up with Farm to School and Toonberry Farms for our first fundraiser of the year! The youngest child from each family will be bring home a pamphlet in the next couple days with all the information and forms you will need! The school receives 50% back on all vegetable orders as well as 25% back on all Toonberry orders so this is a great opportunity to raise some money to put towards the playground! Orders will be ready for pick up around November 5th, more info will follow closer to the date.

All donated vegetables will be distributed locally and the 3 top selling families will get to be part of that process!

Thank you everyone for helping to bring us one step closer to getting the playground paid off!

Lake Vista SCC


Lake Vista SCC

What can you do to become an engaged parent?

  • Communicate with your child’s teacher
  • Help with homework and read with your children
  • Talk to your children about their day at school
  • Attend school events
  • Meet with your child’s teacher
  • Offer to share your skills and knowledge
  • Attend School Community Council Meetings – childcare is provided
  • Volunteer for field trips and school activities
  • Talk to your child about social media etiquette and how to stay safe online

Lake Vista SCC


  1. Any grade 4-8 students interested in Choir: We will have our first practice on Thursday, October 4th in the music room at lunch recess. See Mrs. Paulsen or Ms. Millard if you have any questions.
  2. Volleyball practice at 3:30-4:40 tomorrow after school.
  3. Today, at Lake Vista School, we are celebrating Orange Shirt Day.
  4. We would like to announce the new SLT Committee for the 2018-2019 school year! Leah D. (5) Danika B. (5) Anika E. (5) Brooklyn H. (5) Ava M. (5) Ethan D. (6) Emma H. (6) Evan S. (6) Sophie D. (6) Madelyn S. (7) Nathan B. (7) Kaprice K. (7) Josie R. (8) Montserrat R. (8). Please meet in the SLT room today at 12:10. Bring your lunch.

Happy Birthday – Zoey M. (PK)

Lake Vista SCC

Many parents think that parent engagement at school means being part of the SCC, volunteering for field trips, helping at a hot dog sale or reading with children in the classroom.  While these things are very valuable, parent engagement is so much more.  It means getting involved in what your child is learning about and supporting them throughout their educational journey.

Students with parents who are engaged in their learning and development, no matter what their background, are more likely to do well at school.  However, having the confidence to engage in your child’s learning is not easy for everyone.  The good news is that you don’t need a special set of skills to make a real difference for your child.  An open mind, a positive attitude and willingness to take part is all that is necessary.  Stay tuned for more information on how to be a more engaged parent.

Lake Vista SCC


Just a reminder:

The Staff Parking lot (east side of the building) is for Staff Members Only.

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Lake Vista School


  1. Any Grade 4-8 students interested in Choir: we will have our first practice on Thursday, October 4th in the music room at lunch recess. See Mrs. Paulsen or Ms. Millard if you have any questions.
  2. Fire Drill today at 9:30am
  3. Monday, October 1st – Orange Shirt Day

No Birthdays today. 29th – Skyla L. (4M)