Thursday March 25th

There were no Birthdays at Lake Vista today.

Booster Juice will be providing Healthy Hunger Lunch today.

Just a reminder there is NO SCHOOL for students tomorrow Friday March 26th.

Riddle of the Day: What fruit can you never cheer up?

A Blueberry!

Wednesday March 24th

There were no Birthdays Today.

Reminder we have Healthy Hunger Lunch tomorrow provided by Booster Juice.

Riddle of the Day: If a group of rabbits are having a party what type of music are they listening too?

Hip Hop!

Tuesday March 23rd

Happy Birthday To: Parker B. in Pre Kindergarten

Fun Fact of the Day: Apple sauce was the first real food ever eaten in space.

Monday March 22nd

Happy Birthday Today To: Mr. Evans in Grade 7

Happy Belated Birthday To: Harley B. in 2C, Alexa O. in 5/6J and Bennet P. in 2C.

Riddle of the Day: Where do you take a sick boat?

To the Doc!

Friday March 19th

Happy Birthday to Soren Y. in Pre-Kindergarten

Healthy Hunger Lunch Today is Subway.

Fun Fact of the Day: A Kangaroo cannot walk backwards.

Thursday March 18th

Happy Birthday To: Ryder O. in 6C

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Healthy Hunger Lunch provided by Subway.

Fun Fact of the Day: A Bat can eat 1000 insects per hour.