Tuesday April 13th

We have One Birthday Today.

Happy Birthday To – Anniston M. in 1H.

Fun Fact of the Day: Birds could not live in space because they need gravity to swallow their food.

Monday April 12th

Welcome Back!

We have no Birthdays Today.

The Lake Vista Community Council will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday May 11th at 6:00pm over Zoom. Elections will be held for the following positions: Chair, Secretary and 2 Executive Members. If you are interested in attending our meeting or would like to join the SCC, please email Ashley at ashley.elgersmascc@gmail.com to get a link to the meeting and/or a nomination form.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Fun Fact of the Day: Cows can walk upstairs but not down.

Thursday April 1st

We have three Birthdays Today:

Happy Birthday To: Luna D. in Pre K., Rylie K. in 1R and Mariah M. in 5/6J.

A Big Thank You to everyone that wore blue today to show support for Autism Awareness.

Domino’s Pizza will be suppling Healthy Hunger Lunch Today.

Just a reminder tomorrow is the start of Easter Break. School will resume MONDAY APRIL 12TH.

Fun Fact of the Day: Around 9 million chocolate Easter Bunnies will be made this Easter.

Have a Great Easter Break!

Wednesday March 31st

We have two Birthdays Today: Happy Birthday to Alyssa B. in K3 and Ella D in 3P.

Just a reminder to wear blue tomorrow to show your support for Autism Awareness.

Healthy Hunger lunch tomorrow is Domino’s Pizza.

Fun Fact of the Day: Regina Saskatchewan is the geographical center of North America.

Lost and Found Items, we have lots!!

Monday March 29th

Happy Birthday to: Linkoln B in 3A and Theo B in 2C.

Happy Belated Birthday to Emily J in K1 and Tucker V in 2C.

Fun Fact of the Day: 20% of the oxygen you breath is used by your brain.